I am a nerd.  I can spend all day and night in a good book and if I didn’t have any other responsibilities that would be just fine.  Books have a way of captivating people and taking them to places they’ve never been and to experience things that they would never have a chance to learn about.

I have always enjoyed reading growing up and I remember staying up late at night to read “just one more chapter” of The Hobbit.  The Fantasy genre of books has always fascinated me as I would get so caught up in books it would feel like I was in the world that the author created.  I would laugh at the inside jokes in the books and feel truly attached to the characters.  I created this blog to share some of my favorite books and experiences in the hopes that I could share this joy with others but also find new books and experiences from my readers libraries.

As time goes by, I imagine this blog will evolve, and I am now going to be implementing a cumulative rating system.  This system will give books possible scores from 0-100.  I don’t imagine any book will be either of the extremes, but never say never.

The 10 criteria I am going to rate my books on are:
1. Concept
2. Writing
3. How long did it take to get into the book
4. Character Development
5. Plot
6. Pacing
7. Ending
8. Cover Art
9. World Building (for Fantasy books)
10. Would I read other books by the Author

Concept: Is it an original idea? Is this the 10th book about zombies to come out this month and if so does it play out like every other zombie story.

Writing: Is the book easy to follow and understand. Do I have to reread a paragraph multiple times to figure out what the author was trying to say?

How long did it take to get into the book: This one is pretty self-explanatory, but if a book takes a chapter or halfway to get me interested, it’s going to be shown.

Character Development: Do the characters have a distinct personality and do their actions line up with what their core values are? Do the characters grow throughout the story based on the events that are unfolding or do they stay one-dimensional the entire book? Are their actions believable. Finally are they relatable?

Plot: Is the plot interesting? Does it pull me in and keep me interested in what happens? Is it predictable, or does it leave me guessing from time to time?

Pacing: Does the story have an even pace to it? The book doesn’t have to be all action, but it should have a pace that is set and followed throughout the book. No one wants to read action and suspense then have to work to get through the next two chapters before getting interesting again.

Ending: The ending should make sense with the story. Was the ending a cop-out? Did the queen end up traveling back in time, turn into a monster, eat the head of the bad guy, then travel to present day a la butterfly effect? (I’m still salty about the Tearling if you couldn’t tell).

Cover Art: This really shouldn’t matter. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but if we’re all honest, some covers just grab your attention more than others. This doesn’t mean that the cover has to be something magnificent (bonus points if it is) but the cover should match the book in theme, content, and tone.

World Building: If this is a fantasy book, is the world large and immersive? Do I get lost in the detail that the author lays out and am I left wanting more?

Would I read more books by the author? This is going to be two-fold question. Do I have the intentions to finish the series or was it not in my wheel-house enough that I’m done then and there? Would I find other books written by the author that may be completely unrelated?

This is by no means a perfect rating system and I imagine it will evolve as I start reviewing books by this, but it’s a start. Any comments or feedback would be appreciated.

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