The Stone Sky 79/100 – N.K. Jemisin


Overview: I’ve been looking forward to this book since I read the first one and I’ve been meaning to get this posted for a while.  I know it’s been a while since my last post, but between work and my son, my free time has whittled away bit by bit.  That being said, I really enjoyed this book for the most part.  I flew through the first half of the book, but the writing style just got me turned off of it.  It was very dark (the world is ending, so there’s that) and pretty slow.  We finally got the full backstories of everyone that I’ve been waiting for since the first book, but reading from the perspective of a stone eater takes a lot of work.


  1. Concept: 10/10 The world is ending, raiders are coming for your store caches and stone eaters are coming out of the ground.  What’s there not to like about this story!
  2. Writing: 5/10 I had a real hard time with this book due to the writing. The verbage is very different from chapter to chapter and each person’s perspective takes such a unique mindset to get into in order to fully grasp what’s going on.
  3. How long did it take to get into the book: 8/10 I started this book as soon as I got it and really enjoyed it until about halfway through.
  4. Character Development: 6/10 Some of Nassun’s decisions were very immature, albeit she is a child, but it was frustrating to get through. Essun grew so much in the same vein that Alabaster did and it was masterful!
  5. Plot: 10/10 The overall story of this book is great and it wraps up everything so nicely while also giving the full backstory of everyone that we’ve been waiting for. I was left wanting nothing afterwards/
  6. Pacing: 5/10 Each chapter that was written from the stone eaters’ perspectives was so hard to get through. I just wanted to stay with Nassun and Essun throughout the book.
  7. Ending:  8/10 I feel like everything was wrapped up nicely, but that doesn’t mean I like the way things turned out.
  8. Cover Art: 10/10 Great architecture from Corepoint.  Nice and colorful and doesn’t give anything away.
  9. World Building:  10/10 Jemisin did a great job from each time period that this book covered. We got to see every aspect of the Earth and it was all so descriptive.
  10. Would I read other books by the Author:  7/10 I really enjoyed the first two books of this series, but this one was a little harder for me to get through. I would definitely explore Jemisin’s other titles.


Follow-up Questions (Spoilers):

What would have happened if Nassun had just talked everything through with Essun?

Would she still have had to sacrifice herself or could Nassun have done the correction?

Were all the guardians at Warrant when they were killed?

If it was that easy to kill a guardian, why didn’t Alabaster and Nassun do that earlier?

How did the original Orogenes get to the moon and how did they get back?

How did they create the path through the Earth?



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