Smoked Reverse Seared Cowboy Steak

I’ve been seeing Cowboy steaks on tv lately, and was really intrigued.  I’ve been telling my wife how I really want to try to cook one, so she surprised me with one for Father’s Day.

I rubbed it down with a prime rib rub consisting of salt, coarse ground pepper, granulated garlic, and granulated onions and let it sit in the fridge with the rub for about 8 hours.


Since it’s such a large cut of meat, I had to add extra rub to make sure that the large pieces had great flavor.

I put the steak on the smoker for about 2 hours until the internal temperature was about 10 degrees under what I wanted it to finish at.


Here’s the steak right after coming out of the smoker.  I was having trouble with my barbecue grill, so I had to turn my smoker up to 450 and finish it in there.  It took about 20 minutes to warm up, but it cooked pretty quickly once I got it back in there.


Right before I put the steak back in the smoker to finish, I rubbed it down with a compound garlic butter I had made previously and added a little more rub.



Next was the worst part of cooking any piece of meat.  Letting it rest.  Luckily I was preoccupied with my smoking partner that the wait wasn’t too bad.




After letting the steak rest for about 10-15 minutes, I cut into it and it was beautiful.  It was so moist and juicy (as you can tell by the juice sitting on the place).  It had a nice smoky flavor and a good punch of velvety garlic from the butter.


Here’s a bonus picture of my smoking buddy!


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