Artemis Fowl – 89/100 Eoin Colfer


Overview: This is another book in the top 200 books that I got from my friend Sarah.  I didn’t know anything going into this book and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.  It was a very short and quick read, but also had enough going on in the story that I wasn’t left wanting more.  We follow Artemis, a 12 year old evil genius as he tries to pull one over on the faeries.


  1. Concept: 8/10 – I really liked where Eoin took this book.  I think it’s so clever to have the book written from the villain’s perspective.  The only thing that I wasn’t feeling was Artemis’ age.  I get that you’re trying to attract a younger reader audience, but I just couldn’t really get into the idea of following a 12 year old around.
  2. Writing: 10/10 – Eoin did a great job with this.  The book was so easy to read and I really enjoyed getting an inside look at the fairies and how they live.
  3. How long did it take to get into the book: 9/10 – This book picked right up and got right into the action with discovering magic and faeries.  We also got to see the vengeful side of Artemis right off the bat.
  4. Character Development: 7/10 – I really wished I had seen more development from Julius Root.  He was seemed a little one dimensional.  I also wish that Artemis had grown a little towards the end of the book.  He had an objective and contingencies, but never really considered the faeries point of view.  Maybe he’s just a diabolical sociopath, but I figure there’s more to his story since there’s a long list of books in this series.
  5. Plot: 10/10 – I loved the lore of the faeries and all of their rules.
  6. Pacing: 10/10 The book never really had any slow spots.  It was short enough that if there was any slow parts, it would have taken out something else in the book.
  7. Ending:  8/10 – I don’t quite understand why the faeries had to just give up going after Artemis at the end.  I get that they have laws and rules, but I don’t see why they couldn’t just keep on going after Artemis in the future.
  8. Cover Art: 9/10 – I really liked it.  It showed the faery gold and Artemis in all of his 12 year old glory.
  9. World Building:  10/10 – I loved going underground to learn more about the faeries and reading about the fairy hippies.  They had such an intricate set of rules and procedures and it was great seeing what happened when they went against those.
  10. Would I read other books by the Author:  8/10 – Probably, I really enjoyed the book for the most part, I just thought it was really out of place whenever they mentioned how young Artemis was.  He’ll get older as the series goes on, so I’m sure it’ll get better.

Follow-up Questions:

Will the faeries go after Artemis in the future and try to kill him or wipe his mind?  He can’t be ready for them all the time.
What will the repercussions for Holly be, if any?
Will Butler have a rift from Artemis if he keeps on being so cold hearted?
When will we see more of Artemis’ father?


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5 Responses to Artemis Fowl – 89/100 Eoin Colfer

  1. Bookstooge says:

    Great ending questions and I think all of them are answered in various books in the sequels…

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  2. I remember this book from years ago but never got round to reading it. Will give it a go!

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