Homemade Burnt Ends

This recipe isn’t quick, but it is pretty easy if you have a smoker and the results are phenomenal.

I went to my local butcher and got a 4 lb brisket point.  I had searched all of my local grocery stores, and no one sold just the point.  They either had flats which are used traditionally for briskets or the entire cryovaced brisket which I wasn’t interested in.

Here’s the brisket point from the butcher which was already seasoned.

I turned my Traeger Smoker up to 250F and let it go until it reached an internal temperature of 190F.  It took about 8 hours.  It stalled on 180F for about 2 hours, but it’s totally normal, and you just have to wait it out.

Once it got to 190F I pulled it out and this is what awaited me.  It smelled so good I just wanted to tear into it right then and there.  (I can’t say I didn’t take a few small bites).

I cubed this up and put it into a large aluminum pan with 2 cups of beef broth and a bottle of barbecue sauce.  I used the barbecue sauce that my butcher recommended me, but it turns out it was a South Carolina type sauce which is more watery than the traditional barbecue sauce that you find in your grocery store.  I put some aluminum foil on top of my dish and put it back in the smoker at 250F.  After an hour, I pulled the dish out, removed the tin foil and stirred it up.  I threw it back in the smoker to let it firm up a bit and cook down.  The meat was a little chewy, so I let it go another 4 hours until it was melt in your mouth tender.  This is the end result.


This was great for a first try, but I think I’m going to use less beef broth and a thicker barbecue sauce next time to get it more charred.

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