The Bone Witch 74/100 – Rin Chupeco



In a world of magic, witches, and daeva, The Bone Witch creates a new experience with likenesses from Rothfuss and G.R.R. Martin.  We follow Tea, a Bone Witch as she recounts her story from childhood to completing her training as a bone witch.  We go back and forth from her narrative to the present as she is recounting the tale.  This book has it all from daeva, demons that wreak havoc every 10 years to witches of every nature, most of which are good.  The Bone Witch weaves a very detailed story which never slows down and takes us on a wild ride.


  1. Concept: 9 Rin’s story takes us from a misunderstood little girl to a powerful bone witch that can control the most powerful demons.  It has a lot of similar feel to Rothfuss in that we are going back and forth in the narrative as they are recounting their tale, and that isn’t a bad thing!
  2. Writing: 5 One of the takeaways from the book is the level of detail Rin creates for everything.  The Asha (Bone Witches) wear Huas, intricate outfits that portray their personality and current fashion.  We get an exhaustive list of every Hua that everyone is wearing.  It does paint a great picture of what’s going on, but I just couldn’t keep track of everyone’s’ personal styles.
  3. How long did it take to get into the book: 8 It took me a couple of chapters to get the back and forth between the past and the present, but once I got into the swing of things, the book never let go.
  4. Character Development: 6 We see Tea grow up and become a powerful Asha, but some of the other characters are very one-dimensional.  The head of her Asha-ka, Mistress Parmina is just an angry crotchety woman, but we’re told she was one of the most powerful Asha growing up.  We don’t really see any of that throughout the story.  Zoya is always angry with Tea, but we don’t really get why.  At the end when it’s explained it seems like Zoya is now nice to Tea, but again it’s not explained what changed.
  5. Plot: 8 The story was great, but it was really bogged down with the details of every aspect of clothing that everyone was wearing.  We also didn’t get a very good idea of who the leaders of the Faceless are or what they’re doing.
  6. Pacing: 8 When we get past all of the details of everything, the book zooms right along.  Every chapter has something exciting happen and the interludes between the chapters give us a chance to get inside Tea’s head and get her hindsight on the events.
  7. Ending: 10 We’re getting amped up for an action packed sequel to The Bone Witch.  All of the pieces are in place and all that’s left is a little more back story to fill in the holes.  Rin did a great job at setting the chess board for the sequel without taking away from the main story.
  8. Cover Art: 10 This cover is definitely an eye catcher!
  9. World Building: 10 Rin goes into painstaking detail to explain every aspect of what things looked like.  We also get in-depth details of the different types of magic and runes at the disposal of the Asha.  This world is so complex with the different countries and politics and I wish we could have learned a little more of that.
  10. Would I read other books by the Author:  10 Absolutely!  I can’t wait for the sequel.  Rin wrote a compelling book and painted such a detailed story that I need to find out what happens next!



Follow-up Questions – Definite Spoilers:

What happened to Kance?
How did Tea and Kalen become a thing and how did he die?
Why are Tea and Fox enemies now?  Did it have something to do with Princess Isterra?
How did Tea’s Heartsglass become black?  Is she a Faceless?
Where is Mykaela?  Did she find her heart or will she in the next book?
Why was Tea cast out of Ankoyo?
How did Tea love Kance and keep her heart?


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