Cast Iron Skillet Stuffed Crust Pizza


The wife and I decided to make cast iron skillet pizzas for dinner.  These are very easy to make and are absolutely delicious.  We cheat a little and buy store made dough and sauce, but these are so good, there’s no reason to change it.  I decided to put spicy sausage, pepperoni, jalapenos, mushrooms, and black olives in my pizza.  I topped it off with fresh oregano, basil, and parsley then shredded some fresh parmesan.  I made a whipped garlic butter to brush on the crust and it turned out great.

Here’s the steps I used.

Grease your cast iron skillet.  I’ve used butter in the past, but this time I used olive oil.  I laid my dough in the pan after rolling it out and added a layer of both spicy sausage and pepperoni.  Make sure that you create a layer of ingredients before adding your sauce or your crust will get soggy.  I put my mushrooms, black olives, and jalapenos on next, then I roasted up some garlic and mixed that in with my sauce and put a layer on top.  I added the mozzarella cheese next and put on the fresh herbs.  I minced up the parsley, oregano, and and added that then shredded some parmesan cheese on top.  I brushed my garlic butter on the crust and put it in the oven.  I baked it at 450F for 25 minutes, but check it around 20 minutes or so.  It came out perfectly!  Let it sit for 5-10 minutes before cutting into it to let the cheese set.

To create the whipped garlic butter, I used 8oz of whipped non-salted butter (this was way too much, but now we have some in the fridge).  I pressed some garlic into the butter, I used about 2 bulbs, but use as much or as little as you like.  Next, add soy sauce 1tsp at a time.  I ended up adding 4tsp, but add to your taste.  It will turn a nice creamy brown when you’re done.

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