The Wise Man’s Fear – Patrick Rothfuss

In the Wise Man’s Fear we pick back up with Kvothe, Chronicler, and Bast where we pick up Kvothe’s story.  The book follows the same format of retelling his history and present day.  We get a glimpse of the Fae world and follow Kvothe on another set of adventures with Denna.  This book lived up to every expectation for the series.  It paints the world against in painstaking detail along with the Fae world.  I cannot wait for Doors of Stone, and as of yesterday 2/4/17, Rothfuss commented that he is still revising the book and that he doesn’t have a release date set for it.

The book did a great job at giving more detail to Denna’s past as well as giving more backstory for the mysterious Chandrian, but it still leaves many questions left unanswered.


Who was the old man in the court with Kvothe?

Who is Denna’s master?

Where are all of the Chandrian and who are the knights that they’re afraid of?

Why doesn’t Kvothe have any of his appears in present day?


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