The Scorch Trials – James Dashner

In the second book of the Maze Runner trilogy, we find Thomas and the other Gladers out in the desert.  Thomas and Theresa can communicate telepathically and they need to find a way to get away from the Cranks and answers to what is really going on.  They find out that the Cranks are necessarily bad people, but that there is a sickness called the Flare that makes them slowly lose their minds.  As we follow everyone though the desert, the book gets a little slow, but quickly picks up as they meet new people.  We get a look inside the minds of some of the cranks and see how they are changing and slowly losing their consciousness.  It is a nice second book of the trilogy and doesn’t fall into the typical middle book category where it’s just a filler.  It provides some much needed answers to some of the questions that were left from the first book while still leaving enough to have you wanting to come back and finish the series.

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