A Gathering of Shadows – V. E. Schwab

A gathering of shadows picks up with Kell and Lila in Red London.  After using the black stone, Kell has awoken a thirst for power and violence.  He finds that practicing battle magic helps soothe this thirst, but throughout the book he is overtaken by the blood lust of it all.

It picks up and answers some of the questions that have surrounded Lila, but still leaves us with more questions.  We get to meet Alucard who has a mysterious past with Rhy, and while he teaches Lila how to use magic it looks like she might be an Antari.

The book seemed pretty quick, and in my opinion followed too heavily on the tournament.  It was pretty cool to read about the fights, but it could have been shorter.  I really liked the Holland/Osaron dynamic in that it looks like Holland has been a puppet for this large evil.  I wonder how that will take effect in the third book.

Are Lila and Alucard going to team up in White London to free Kell and fight Osaron/Holland?

Are we finally going to find out the origin of Kell and Lila?  It makes it out that she is an Antari, I wonder if they’re related.

Will they open the borders to Black London?

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