The Core – 80/100 Peter V. Brett



I have been waiting for this book ever since I finished The Skull Throne. Peter set up for a great finale and all of my questions coming into the final book were answered.  I enjoyed seeing each character’s arc come to an end and really like where Peter took everyone.  That being said, there were a few things about The Core I didn’t like, but the good definitely outweighed the bad. We finally get a chance to enter into the depths of hell where the demons are coming from and get a new perspective of that of the demon king.  The political intrigue from Miln, Angiers, and Hollow County all coming together under the duress of Sharak Ka really made the world feel small in that everyone needs to come together for the sake of humanity if they want to survive.   Continue reading

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The Stone Sky 79/100 – N.K. Jemisin


Overview: I’ve been looking forward to this book since I read the first one and I’ve been meaning to get this posted for a while.  I know it’s been a while since my last post, but between work and my son, my free time has whittled away bit by bit.  That being said, I really enjoyed this book for the most part.  I flew through the first half of the book, but the writing style just got me turned off of it.  It was very dark (the world is ending, so there’s that) and pretty slow.  We finally got the full backstories of everyone that I’ve been waiting for since the first book, but reading from the perspective of a stone eater takes a lot of work. Continue reading

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Smoked Reverse Seared Cowboy Steak

I’ve been seeing Cowboy steaks on tv lately, and was really intrigued.  I’ve been telling my wife how I really want to try to cook one, so she surprised me with one for Father’s Day. Continue reading

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Liberty Boy – 72/100 David Gaughran


Overview: I was requested to review this book as the publicist told me it was reminiscent of Ken Follett, one of my favorite authors.  I didn’t really see very many similarities between Follett’s writing and Gaughran’s writing, but it was a good story all the same. Liberty Boy follows Jimmy O’Flaherty as he is living in Dublin, Ireland while the English are throwing down the rebellion.  It shows the dynamic from the rebels, the English, and the spies for both sides.  Everyone is out for themselves and at any time they can be killed for what they believe. Continue reading

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Artemis Fowl – 89/100 Eoin Colfer


Overview: This is another book in the top 200 books that I got from my friend Sarah.  I didn’t know anything going into this book and was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it.  It was a very short and quick read, but also had enough going on in the story that I wasn’t left wanting more.  We follow Artemis, a 12 year old evil genius as he tries to pull one over on the faeries. Continue reading

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The Alchemist – 82/100 Paulo Coelho


Overview: A friend Sarah (Critiquing Chemist) sent me a list of 200 books everyone should read (Book List), so on my current work trip I decided to knock a couple out.  I had seen The Alchemist in airport book stores which I frequent on most of my trips to see what’s out and get ideas on what to read next.  I had it in the back of my mind as a book I wanted to read, but I had forgotten about it.  I’m glad I picked it up because it was a really good book.  It’s one of those books that I think everyone should read at least once a year.  On the surface it’s a story of a boy looking for a treasure, but there’s so much more to the book and it has so many layers of meaning.  The book kind of reminded me of The Pilgrim’s Progress in the aspect as at the front it’s a book of an adventure, but it’s wrapped in so many other layers. Continue reading

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Crooked Kingdom 88/100 Leigh Bardugo


Overview: Crooked Kingdom picks up shortly after Six of Crows.  We follow back up with Kaz, Inej, Matthias, Nina, Jesper, Wylan, and now Kuwei.  In Six of Crows, we get glimpses of the main characters, but we don’t really get a good idea of who they are.  In Crooked Kingdom we get all their back story and so much more.  There’s something to be said of writing characters when they’re not in action.  Just writing the downtime between events where the characters are relaxed and showing their true selves.  It’s refreshing and it really makes you feel like you are getting to know these characters.

This book really goes through all the paces for Kaz to take back Ketterdam.  It has so many great twists and turns as well as some really great writing to accompany the killer story. Continue reading

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